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In the world of electronics the Hicotronics profiles “Sourcing Doctor-Low Package-Painless Delivery”

World’s largest collection of Electronics Components & Devices from 550+ manufactures made available within 5 working days with COC. We provide Special price support for R & D or any volume.

We are highly experienced in procuring high quality components directly from our extensive international infrastructure of approved suppliers. Since establishing our business in 1997, with more that decade and half years experience in electronic component purchasing and supply chain management means that we are able to locate stock for all product types from USA, Europe, Asia using only our formally approved suppliers. We pass these benefits on to our customers in terms of both pricing and the highest possible quality assurance.

Hicotronics's electronic component services include high integrity electronic component sourcing component verification, component testing and counterfeit detection, plus electronic component kitting, vendor managed inventory and vendor tail management services.

Hicotronics provides supply chain management (SCM) platform that is open to third parties and connects facets of the electronics industry:

  • Component Purchasing
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Finished Product Distribution