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Career at Hicrotronics

Our employees enjoy working for Hicotronics and are proud of the Company, its values, and its brands. Their performance and commitment drive Hicotronics development.
We encourage this performance with challenging tasks and broad responsibilities that enable our employees to raise the bar in all fields of our business - every day, right from the start.

Our working atmosphere is a unique mix of winning spirit and team work - performance driven and friendly at the same time.
We care for both: success and people.

A FUTURE WITH Hicotronics

We are a team of highly skilled content professionals and accomplished media specialists. We are amongst the most valued digital electronics start-ups in India and have made rapid strides in the market by acquiring customers for content creation, aggregation and management.

Why should you work for Hicotronics?

• An opportunity to work with a dynamic and ambitious team aspiring to drive Hicotronics towards becoming one of Asia’s most respected electronics components company
• An exciting place to work in with co-workers who are innovative and passionate
• Loads of opportunities for growth and advancement

To apply for the jobs mentioned below, kindly mail your resume to recruit@hicotronics.com.

Current openings

   Web Developer[EXP 1-2]

   Sourcing and marketing for electronics Device
   Microsoft & Internet Technologies
   Technical Writing /Technical Documentation
   OS / Computing / Platform Technologies
   fluent english

   Editor Technology
Content 1
Short Example

   Content 4